Hallal Search Engines: conversations start in search results

by Laurent François


We often tell our partners/clients that conversations start with Search Engines. How come? Because looking for something on Google or Yahoo is like “demonstrating” your attention & your interest for a topic/someone.

So basically, when you engage a conversation online, it’s like IRL: you need to master & understand language, cultural tricks & issues. Therefore it’s not so surprising to read this news:

“Bangalore – A new search engine, called ImHalal.com, aims to protect the sensibilities of Muslims by filtering out content that is haram or forbidden by the faith.(…)
Mainstream search engines have comes in for criticism in many parts of the world for displaying content that is offensive to the local culture, and even against local laws. A social activist in India for example has filed a complaint in an Indian court against major search engines for displaying advertising and information on child sex selection techniques. Such advertising is against the law in India.”

Google is no longer a web tool, but a social connector: it just changes the whole business model. Let’s follow the case!

More about ImHalal:

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