MODEM Summer university embedded: social media at stake

by Laurent François


I had the opportunity this week-end to take part to a conference @Modem summer university – centre party in France (too complicated to get into details) around new possibilities thanks to online activism.

I don’t go too further on my own speech, as a video will be broadcast in few days. Basically, my point was to break 4 stereotypes that are promoted in general opinion about social web:

  1. “social web is not mainstream nor “real life””
  2. “you need to make a buzz to be heard in digital political field”
  3. “the young are the only producers of information”
  4. “it’s anarchy online”

But what really matters and what really interested me are the questions that the Modem activists asked:

  • how to be authentic? aka there are internal debates that must remain confidential, but how to involve observers/citizens in the whole process
  • how to centralize and coordinate the actions?
  • who are those bloggers?
  • how can I leverage at my local level some digital influence
  • etc.

What I really appreciated is the pragmatism they had, and the focus on value proposition:

we have great ideas, we first need to agree on a common storyline, to listen to people in the meantime, and then in probably 2/3 years we’ll be ready for engaging deeply citizens.

And that’s the key trouble trouble, though. As Thierry mentioned in his very negative post about the event:

“avoir une vraie idée dans une vie, c’est beau. Être capable d’en sortir 150, c’est absurde. “
(rough translation: to have a single idea/purpose in life, it’s great. To have 150, it’s absurd/non-sense)

So digital influence work could be a way to change their internal organisation and to help it structure assets, programs, stories. Digital influence is far more than promotion of ideas: it’s a matter of management.

I’ll keep you posted!

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