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September 15th, 2009

Hallal Search Engines: conversations start in search results

by Laurent François


We often tell our partners/clients that conversations start with Search Engines. How come? Because looking for something on Google or Yahoo is like “demonstrating” your attention & your interest for a topic/someone.

So basically, when you engage a conversation online, it’s like IRL: you need to master & understand language, cultural tricks & issues. Therefore it’s not so surprising to read this news:

“Bangalore – A new search engine, called, aims to protect the sensibilities of Muslims by filtering out content that is haram or forbidden by the faith.(…)
Mainstream search engines have comes in for criticism in many parts of the world for displaying content that is offensive to the local culture, and even against local laws. A social activist in India for example has filed a complaint in an Indian court against major search engines for displaying advertising and information on child sex selection techniques. Such advertising is against the law in India.”

Google is no longer a web tool, but a social connector: it just changes the whole business model. Let’s follow the case!

More about ImHalal:

September 14th, 2009

How does a French blogger look like in Social Media?

by Laurent François


I had some fun tonight playing with Cloudlet. I made a Google Blog Search with “French blogger” keywords, and displayed the last 100 results. It then generated a cloud:

What’s great is that even if the methodology is not that straight, it gives a good overview of the tone & manners in which French bloggers are discussed in the English-speaking world: Fashion, female blogging icons like Garance Doré or Betty. Design, also present. And a little bit of hacking too.

Pretty interesting tool!

September 12th, 2009

R.I.P. Willy Ronis

by Laurent François

As many French and photography-lovers, I’m sad tonight. Willy Ronis is gone.

September 11th, 2009

Vintage Porn Logos

by Laurent François

Vintage Porn logos from PornoGraphics on Vimeo.

As social media conversations sometimes drive you to incredible contents, here’s what we’ve found today: a tribute to 70’s porno.

Yes, Porno is also part of digital culture, you know that…

September 11th, 2009

Brice Hortefeux: political communication crisis

by Laurent François

Quand Brice Hortefeux dérape
envoyé par lemondefrL’info internationale vidéo.


France is now living an important political communication crisis.

Quick summary:

“Introduced to Amine Benalia-Brouch, a young party activist of north African appearance, Hortefeux (pictured) said: “You always get one, when there’s one it’s OK, it’s when there are a lot of them you get problems.” (…) The incident is captured in a video on the website of Le Monde. Mr Benalia-Brouch is introduced by a figure who says “He’s an Auvergnat, an Auvergnat, it’s a disaster.”

As the young man poses with Hortefeux someone says “that’s integration for you!” A man then says: “He speaks Arabic,” and a woman says: “He’s Catholic, he eats pork and foie gras.”

Mr Hortefeux then says: “He doesn’t correspond to the archetype then. Not at all” – before making the controversial remark.”

What is pretty surprising is the apparent misunderstanding and lack of professionalism of Brice Hortefeux. Every content, interview, travel, meeting, can now be broadcast on YouTube, FlickR, blogs: in this case, Hortefeux speaks as if he was 100% off the record.

Moreover, there are several ingredients for a typical communication crisis:

  • UMP politicians have been pretty crap in terms of communication during the last few days. Luc Châtel and Nicolas Sarkozy were spotted while they were “organising” some fake testimonials
  • Hortefeux claims that it’s a conspiracy of other parties against him. Well, as his own supporters did not give the same explanation & the same storyline of the context in which he was filmed, the thing is that Hortefeux cannot be followed, listened and credible
  • Hortefeux accused parties, media & new media, all in the meantime. Well, if you need to save your life, you’d better leave a chance to get one open channel. Otherwise, you’re dead
  • Public Sénat did not declare immediately that they were the ones who filmed Hortefeux. Therefore, every French citizen made a shortcut: Elysée pressure=Brice Hortefeux wants to control the truth. Have a look on Twitter
  • Jean-François Copé burning situation: Brice Horefeux was not alone to make a mistake BUT JF Copé “escaped” to a certain extent the controversy. How come? I don’t have any right answer now, but we can imagine that Copé’s friends prefered to see Brice suffering from the polemic

One new breach in the empathy system that candidate Sarkozy wanted to implement during the presidential elections.

Few insights:

  • as social media is now a great information loop in France, journalists, activists & citizens can communicate together to share quickly elements of context when it comes to important issues
  • you cannot pretend that nothing’s happening if everybody’s asking for answers online, that is to say that the word-of-mouth is calling you

to be followed!