French consumer profile in social media

by Laurent François


As you can see on this Forrester chart, there are more “spectators” in France than in the US.
Nonetheless, few comments:

  • in France, some folks do not realize at all they’re reading a “blog”: they’re online, and that’s all. So as there are even more spectators than the current figure
  • a spectator is…an active one! He can leaves digital footprints that are true social possibilities with friends or followers

To be followed.

One Comment to “French consumer profile in social media”

  1. In the US, I don't think that the distinction between reporter/journalist and blogger is super clear either.

    Not exactly the same thing, but that blurring of the lines exists here too.

    Aux US, je crois que la distinction entre les journalistes et les bloggers n'est pas super nette non-plus.

    Pas exactement la meme chose , mais l'effet est plus ou moins le meme.

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