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October 15th, 2009

FTC; Ethics, endorsements, & blogging rules

by Laurent François


If you want to know everything about Federal Trade Commission new guidelines on endorsements & advertising, you’d better have a look at this presentation

2 great take-aways:

  • what matters first & foremost is the final reader: you definitely have to give him the full context when a brand outreached & engaged you for a specific product or business
  • we don’t care how & where you tell it: you just have to give the most authentic view on your relationship

And this FTC document is now generating a big debate all over the world!

October 14th, 2009

Polaroid, back in 2010!

by Laurent François


We talked about the Impossible Project. It’s now official & confirmed by Zee :

At a press conference in Hong Kong, Polaroid announced that they will be re-launching the One Step camera. Thanks to campaigns like The Impossible Project, a scheme to reinvent the Polaroid instant film after the company ceased its manufacture, has proved that there’s still a great amount of interest and demand.

A great example of digital influence strategy that leads to a transformation of conversations, consumers’ needs & stakeholders involvement to the re-launch of a myth.

October 9th, 2009

Fatfoogoo’ The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries on Facebook

by Laurent François

source: Insider Facebook

Turkey is definitely to be followed as 1 more million of Turkish people joined Facebook in less than 9 months

Critical mass + literacy: 2 strong assets to be an important demographic online.

More info here on engagement of Turkish web users.

October 7th, 2009

Premium audience reach by French magazines

by Laurent François

#1: L’Express
#2: Télérama
#3: Le Nouvel Observateur
#4: Le Point
#5: Le Figaro Magazine

Interesting to have it in mind!

Thanks @bookgirl1

October 5th, 2009

Girl power in social media!

by Laurent François


Well, we already knew it but it clearly confirms that American girls are now the main publics in many social networks. Only Digg remains more male than female. Boys & girls!

It tends to prove a certain leadership of some female icons in social web like in Fashion (ex: Garance Doré) but also in analysis & thought-leadership (Charlene Li)

Some elements to lower down this statement:

  • that are US figures
  • it’s about UV, not producers
  • Scobleizer is still a boy (just kiddin’)

Thanks Thien (Sushi / TNG) for the info