They are ready for social shopping…but not yet in France

by Laurent François


The last survey by eMarketer reveals that US retailers seem to be more & more ready for social shopping: they’re present in social media, and now have to deeper engage conversation.


What about France?

Well, not many shops are already present online & in conversations. The very last example that I like is Citadium.
Citadium is part of PPR group and is a big shop dedicated to urban fashion.

They seem to have a community manager inhouse who monitor the diverse conversations. They engage conversation & give insights when influencers asked various things. Good point. I went last Saturday in their shop & I attended a live performance; I shot it, diffused some contents on my photoblog. 3 days later, I got an email telling me which band it was.

I like this idea of amplification of my social experience.

Let’s see the next big things!

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  1. A ton avis, pourquoi la France est-elle en retard a ce niveau la?

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