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November 26th, 2009

European social media trends: trust in unknown at stake!

by Laurent François


A great study that gives some insights about European social media landscape.

What is very important to remember:

  • European people experience different situations, depending on their local contexts. Therefore marketers must consider that
  • European consumers trust more & more people they don’t know IRL: digital influence has never been so much important
  • European citizens enter social media through tasks & needs
November 10th, 2009

Sarkozy forgot that storytelling does not mean lying in Social Media

by Laurent François


President Sarkozy is (again) attacked online, because of a new lie he’s done on Facebook yesterday.

As you know, we’ve just celebrated Berlin Wall fall and it’s probably one of the most important events for European citizens.

NY Times reports:

“Mr. Sarkozy, the president of France, said he had been, in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday. But while he was in Berlin on Monday celebrating the anniversary with other world leaders, the media back home in Paris were suggesting that he had his dates mixed up.“On the morning of Nov. 9, we looked into the news from Berlin, which indicated that change was afoot in Germany’s divided capital,” he wrote about events in 1989 in his Facebook post, which includes a photograph of himself at the Berlin Wall at night.”

What’s interesting is that many French citizens reacted and commented on Sarkozy pages and in social media. Another demonstration that when it comes to personal beliefs, people implement social-media control on politicians.

Luc Mandret declared on his blog:

Mais arranger et déformer la réalité, c’est passer un cap dangereux.” / “distorting truth, it’s going too far”

Storytelling is not about lying