My only prediction for 2010

by Laurent François


Joe asked to join our efforst for some interesting predictions for 2010. I usually don’t really like prediction but hey! you know how we are…

So here’s mine:

There’ll be more & more Social Media and content strategies at the hyper-local level; citizen consumers interested in their neighborhood are already keen to ask Google what they’ve seen in their preferred shop or street. There’ll be a greater “loop” between daily discoveries & online journey. Brand marketers will try to reach their consumers in this new interactive dimension

And I’m glad Matthew picked my opinion!

You can find 100+contributions right here. Here’s a summary by Joe Pulizzi:

    1. Video will be big in 2010
    2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
    3. More companies will need to outsource content to expert publishers
    4. Quality content trumps frequent crappy content
    5. Don’t say it – more offline content in 2010???

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