Social media magics with Homeless Mustard

by Laurent François


Opie & Anthony show brodcast this cover of Radiohead “Creep” famous song. It traveled all over the social web.

Here’s a quick summary:

“It’s demeaning and horrible and cruel and exploitative, although any of those words can generally be used to describe any segment of Opie and Anthony’s radio show as a whole. But sometimes good things come out of squicky things, and this clip is an odd moment of joy in an otherwise abhorrent publicity stunt. One of the contestants in this years upcoming “Homeless Shopping Spree,” a man known simply as “Mustard,” was given a guitar to play a song (he doesn’t own one, being homeless and all.) The man did a simple, bluesy-gruff cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” and it’s been getting passed around since because it’s pretty amazing.”

The performance is now going viral, even in France, thanks to Gonzague.

This case demonstrates that the things that happen in the long-tail can be brought back to a wider coverage. It won’t change misery, poverty, but it’d give a nice fairy tale before Christmas’ eve.

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