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January 21st, 2010

French trust paradox towards media

by Laurent François


A new study gives great insights about French people and trust in media.

According to the TNS Logica study, 66% of French think that journalists cannot resist political pressures. Even worse, 60% think they can’t resist financial pressures.
Not quiet good for our democracy…

In the meantime, French declare they’d like more coverage on some topics, like hunger in the world:

But media that covered these topics did not leverage more sales when they talked about it.
So as we’re all ready to read more “informative” information, but at the end we watch Big Bro’ on TV.

Lazy French? Well, one important thing by the way: French media need to engage more deeply into French citizens’ minds, to start again a relationship based on trust. If French (like other countries) trust more and more the Internet, it’s probably because of the “human” size of the conversations. And on the internet, you’re always more active than in front of a TV.

I believe in journalism.


January 20th, 2010

The day we’ve launched an opinion magazine in France

by Laurent François


I’ve been busy nights and days with 20 friends, bloggers, editorialists to launch a French online opinion magazine called

We don’t have the same context than in the US. In France, newspapers were historically very ideologized. So as culturally, there’s a place to take in terms of what American could call “op-eds”.

So we’ve launched it last Monday; and the power of inclusive communities works pretty well. 100+ comments, several thousands page views…4 minutes+ time spent online and a growing community.

I’ll keep you posted, guys, I’ll keep you posted. And I promise to blog more right here 😉

January 5th, 2010

Twitter users profile: from brand to bitch

by Laurent François


Here’s a very interesting infographics by TechXav. Well, it’s a bit ironic, but pretty true.

In France, it’s not yet that big: media, journalists, bloggers, online activists use the microblogging platform; but all niche are not yet present.

Let’s see if we’ll follow the same trends!