The day social became anti-social: Google Buzz

by Laurent François


I’m going to write you a very personal, very less “Social Media Marketing” post than usual.

I’m going to tell you my feeling when suddenly, yesterday night, while I was connecting on GMAIL, I discovered the thousands of conversations through Google Buzz. Whereas I did not mention at all that I wanted this tool. Whereas privacy settings were about to be considered as hidden.

Suddenly, people got millions of other people views in front of them. The thing is that for the very first time, I did not control the hub I was: because Google did it for me.

Most of the time, something becomes Social when 2+ people decide to interact together. That’s the difference between interaction & transaction. Interaction are interpersonal skills, transactions are mechanisms.

Yesterday, Google used my feeds, my network, to try to leverage buzz and impose a tool through a mechanical logic.

Mr Google, your Buzz tool is not social. It’s the exact opposite of Social.

You tried to steal my social ownership. In an attention economics, it’s probably the worst thing you could do.

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