How stars use Social Media to take their reputations back: focus on Marion Cotillard

by Laurent François

Forehead Tittaes w/ Marion Cotillard from Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard has a big sense of humor: with this meme fake ad, she promotes Forehead Tittaes, by Janae, in order to make men look at women in the eyes instead than judging their bodies.

I love it because Marion takes a risk: playing with big brands like Gemey to make her message go viral.

Marion Cotillard has just created something totally unexpected: while she’s playing Lady Rouge for Dior, and that a big media plan is going on, she cuts the storyline and launches a totally different phasing. It’s about women, it’s about taking the lead, it’s about owning what she wants to say.

As Miley Cyrus did when she left Twitter, this is another proof in an attention economy that owning your reputation is key. Marion Cotillard’s reputation is what she wants it to be; Marion Cotillard story is what Marion wants to tell.

Not sure that brands appreciate this trend, by the way.

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