5 original tricks to be a good community manager

by Laurent François


Some might ask what to do to be a great community manger. The field is wide, so as 5 original tricks can be shared:

  1. Read other types of media than online feeds:
    a great community manager must be “pervasive”, you need to read print magazines (for instance, those that are diffused in clubs/cafés/bars/restaurants) to feed your mind with new ideas, new ways of thinking, new influences
  2. talk with non-digital people (or even better: with anti-digital people)
    I had one of my best community management insight thanks to an old teacher, who used to manage hundreds of pupils. She’s one of the top expert in community management, with an experience that not any online community manager can challenge at the moment (she’s 65)
  3. buy a dictionary
    even in 140 signs, there’s nothing more annoying than mistakes or wrong syntax. Even if you’re multi-channel, you’re going to write a lot
  4. keep a log & archive all your meetings
    publicists & agents do it really well: in order to remember why you’ve been in touch with someone months ago, keep a footprint or minutes of why you’ve outreached him/her. It’s crucial when the community starts growing
  5. go to real life events
    Social Media is about people talking to other people. After a while, meeting IRL your followers/friends/fans is great, as it’s a way to give content to who you really are

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