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May 31st, 2010

Eurovision: Lena had already won weeks before the final show

by Laurent François


Eurovision is probably one of the most popular European TV show. And even if French don’t get the true party potentiality of this event, Lena Meyer-Landrut generated a big hype in Germany and during the show.

What’s even greater is that Lena generated a big Word Of Mouth weeks before the final show, in Germany but also in other countries.

With 218 000 fans on Facebook, it’s a great basis to become a -why not- worldwide star as Abba did before?

To be followed (and I’m sure that you LOVE when I talk about popular EU culture!)

May 30th, 2010

WTF in France #2 – Taig Khris flying from Eiffel Tower

by Laurent François

Imagine someone jumping from Eiffel Power. 12,5 meters high, from the first stage of the French monument. Taig made it. With his in-line skates.

Who’s the pimp?

May 26th, 2010

I’m a French blogger and I won’t eat Pizza Hut anymore

by Laurent François

Dear Pizza Hut,

So you want to offer a free pizza during the world cup, anytime a goal is scored against French soccer team ?

Well right, so I’m French. And I speak English. And if at first sight, it could appear to be funny, I think your communication is highly dangerous.

Why that ?

  • first, you don’t go really deep in your mechanism: only 350 pizzas could be offered this way. Well, you’re just doing a VIRAL BUZZ BULLSHIT operation, right ? Your Irish consumers aren’t stupid: you’re going to generate great disappointments
  • then, you play with “hates” and with negative feelings: look at your fan pages; reactions are really aggressive. Sport spirit, really?
  • moreover, you’re not really in position of making fun of one of your main business market. Or maybe you think we won’t eat all that fat?
May 20th, 2010

Best practice in Social Media in the era of pervasive creativity

by Laurent François


A quick thought, about all the things around “Best Practice”. Zephrin wrote an interesting article in Ad Age, demonstrating that he was pretty much fed up with this idea.

In the era of pervasive creativity, and Social Media, this is tue to a certain extent:

  • we need to think “story”: best practice can lead to a loss of creativity, to a loss of originality.
    It’s not only an artistic problem: it’s a business one. There are pressures in markets, so as if you’re just like the others. Well, why would I buy your damn yoghurt? Uh!?
  • in Social Media Marketing, some best practice do not distinguish industries: in most presentations, you have 10 examples of diverse cases but which could not be compared in other studies. Basically, at the moment, you only have 2 fields: B2B or B2C. A bit simplistic, right?
  • Social Media Best Practices forget … other marketing disciplines. I haven’t seen much cases explaining why a SM Strategy worked in a more global scope. Retail marketing, even packaging, can be key & favor success

Well, well, well.

May 18th, 2010

Facebook: “a nightmare on privacy street”

by Laurent François


A wonderful pattern demonstrating the privacy issues about Facebook.

It underlines the diverse paths & the diverse actions btw the different parameters and what it allows to Facebook.

Congrats Florent!