Best practice in Social Media in the era of pervasive creativity

by Laurent François


A quick thought, about all the things around “Best Practice”. Zephrin wrote an interesting article in Ad Age, demonstrating that he was pretty much fed up with this idea.

In the era of pervasive creativity, and Social Media, this is tue to a certain extent:

  • we need to think “story”: best practice can lead to a loss of creativity, to a loss of originality.
    It’s not only an artistic problem: it’s a business one. There are pressures in markets, so as if you’re just like the others. Well, why would I buy your damn yoghurt? Uh!?
  • in Social Media Marketing, some best practice do not distinguish industries: in most presentations, you have 10 examples of diverse cases but which could not be compared in other studies. Basically, at the moment, you only have 2 fields: B2B or B2C. A bit simplistic, right?
  • Social Media Best Practices forget … other marketing disciplines. I haven’t seen much cases explaining why a SM Strategy worked in a more global scope. Retail marketing, even packaging, can be key & favor success

Well, well, well.

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