WTF in France #3 – David On Demand in Cannes @davidondemand

by Laurent François


You hate Big Brother? You hate people following your daily life’s events? Well. David Perez turned it into a communication opportunity:

“Ever wanted to go on a junket and haven’t been able to convince your boss that its worthwhile? Meet David Perez, Creative recruiter at Leo Barnett. Barista turned Ad agency exec turned Social Media star! You see, David has been given the green light by his employer to attend the Cannes Advertising Festival.

One one condition.

David will strap on a pair of webcam-enabled glasses and do anything you tell him via twitter. David will be in Cannes from the 20-27 June.

Follow him on twitter @DavidonDemand”

You can give him “orders” in 140 signs. Haha. Do you know Paris Dernière ? Gonna have a lil’ social media fun.

Anyhow: interesting to see this project from a pervasive creativity point of view. Instead of criticizing Social Media biais, David pushes SM channels to its extreme positions. Nice!

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