Apple: the first brand to go against Social Media?

by Laurent François


A quick idea I had, chatting with some friends about Apple. So the iPhone 4 issue wouldn’t be that bad, because all the smartphones experience the same troubles? Thanks Steve Jobs for making us live in such a badass market. A very strange attitude for a guy who has the pretention to suggest “visions” to the world. Us.

The thing is that Apple is now going against 3 of its core assets, that used to make its core competences

  • going against fan-boys, not listening to what they say and need. Big problem at the end as fan-boys used to orientate and help newbies and simple people on forums. If you cut the information pipeline to fans, you cut it to the general public
  • massive leakage communication: Apple has now been communicating only through leakages these last 3 years. They now face a kind of trivialization, as observers are fed up with such mysteries for such empty realities. Moreover, these leakages are no longer reserved to a kind of vertical elites but…to anyone, looking for information about the last Apple updates. You cannot base your communication as if you were a story only made of teasers…because you need to tease for SOMETHING ELSE?uh!
  • the big Apple misunderstanding that if the company wants to control the pipeline (welcome to a beautiful world in which even media are extorted (30% !) and in which depending on Apple good will your apps will be validated or dismissed), Apple cannot control…people. Moreoever, people are no longer dependent on softwares or OS but on sharing and open web. Therefore to web browsers. Apple has just created a tourism bus (unique tours, unique & restricted choice of restaurants, unique path…fantastic for the retired) whereas people are more and more looking for a car, to park anywhere and go whenever they want

A great performance, an innovative one: the first brand to go against Social Media?

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  1. Social media is doing a good job of going against itself. As I noted in my Huffington Post piece a few months ago, it is like a cat, looking at itself in the mirror and scratching the mirror, not knowing that the image it is scratching is itself. That is the two dimensional reality of “social” media, I fear. As for Steve Jobs, he was around before social media, and he will be around after it. Gates leaking via Scoble started a bit before Jobs leakology program. Of course Apple wants to control the pipeline Laurent. So does Mark Zuckerberg and his investors, and so do Russian oligarchs who are investing in these social utilities. The lure of profit in today’s tight money markets is their raison d’etre. As for open web, great. But you have big consulting operators like Gartner who want to monetize the cloud. And there really is no cloud because the information people think is a cloud is really just some cables under oceans and server farms that can be moved from low wage paradise to nearshoring haven in around 72 hours with the right airlift capability. Uplink, downlink. It is all an illusion. If this was all in a cloud and dependent on sattlites, you’d have a lot of space junk floating down to earth. That is why it is not up there. After all, Jobs could have been Bill Gates with the technology that seemed to float away from Xerox way back when but that is another subject. No leaks on that one…

  2. thanks Eric for this comment. Well, for sure the “cloud” is a concept, based on cables, 100% OK. But between a mono aggressive model like Apple and an imperfect “stereo” model in which people like you and me can try to develop platforms, APIs, contents…I chose the second side :)

  3. I think this whole topic is fascinating in terms of communication, brand image and of course social media. Apple is facing a most serious issue as it’s whole setup was based on it being a niche player. You bought Apple products to become part of an elite. (Or a small ghetto if you live outside the US where Apple penetration is extremely small and support issues are massive.)

    That ghetto type approach worked until the iPod actually started selling so much. While Apple is just 4%of PCs worldwide, who cares what they do? But then the iPhone and now more and more products trying to make waves globally. They can’t pretend to “think different” when they are mainstream!

  4. @Alexander I do totally agree with you, and that’s a big paradoxis. And what is interesting is that in this big marketing gap, instead of “thinking softly”, they keep a very aggresive atitude…

    let’s see what they’ll do!

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