Return on Investment or Single on Investment in Social Media?

by Laurent François


When it comes to Social Media, there’s most of the time this dramatic notion of Return On Investment which immediately appears.

It’s a conceptual mistake.

We’d better think in terms of “single on investment”:

  • what is at stake is the preparation of the organisation to welcome, understand and manage social web within its diverse functions. Like in a journey, a brand or a person should prepare its bags, pack-age, understand the diverse milestones which are to come
  • when you fly to a new country, you need to get some change in the local currency. For instance, if you’re an American brand, you’d better get euros soon ;). You’ll also check what are the rates, what are the prices for daily goods or services
  • you’ll also try to find “friends” or local contacts, which will help you enter more deeply in a new culture
  • you’ll get some insights about local habits
  • you’ll probably get some vaccines!

Then, only then, you start your journey. And can think of the Return.

What do you think?

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  1. Do I have to comment in english ?
    Did you see my blog post of ROI and Social media from the last Forrester studies. I think they found an interesting map thinking about long term and short term returm…

  2. @Greg yes, I pearled the Forrester study 😉

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