Tweet your MEP! towards open democracy at a European level?

by Laurent François

The EU activists Toute l’ has launched, on Sept. 22nd, a new democracy tool between Citizen and Members of European Parliament: TweetYourMEP (TyMEP for short in Social Media like twitter). Basically, once you’ve selected the MEP you want to outreach, you can shout him/her a message.

This platform is great:

  • it allows EU citizens to interact with MEP on diverse Social Media
  • it’s a first step to break the language issue in Europe (we don’t all speak English)
  • it’s a tool that can be used both by regular citizens & activists
  • it’s a way to keep data and to get a history of what were MEP asked
  • it’s a great tool to make some lobbying at the EU level instead of the very local one
  • it’s a way to create fantastic digital influence strategy against or pro MEP

Congrats and if you American guys feel like giving us some advice, we’re in!

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