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October 30th, 2010

eCairn: recognition of a certain French flair in Social Media by Forrester

by Laurent François


It’s been ages since my last posts. I’m quiet busy with my new job, so apologize for that.

Just a quick post to celebrate a great news for European & French Social Media professionals: eCairn,the company specialized in community and influencers, based in Redwood City, California, have just won the Forrester Groundswell Awards (B2B) for “Listening”. It’s not really a surprise; I’ve used it @ Ogilvy a lot, for diverse projects. You can listen to an interview right here.

eCairn is a very impressive solution, for high-skilled Social Media professionals: it mixes a wide flexibility, depending on the scope you’re working on (so to say: you define your issues, eCairn helps you shape your environment of study), and strong tools, easy & ready to use.

Once you play with eCairn, you cannot really leave it behind, as it helps you deepen the knowledge within the communities you’re interested in. It helps you test ideas, or even “predict” to a certain extent what could rise in few months. eCairn is probably one of the assets any company will use in a next future.

Congrats Laurent and Dominique!

October 12th, 2010

WTF in France #14- Ina Global, the review of Creative Industries & Media

by Laurent François


A great initiative by Ina: an online review around media & creative industries.

Pretty high level (but very accessible) articles, that you can read in English right here.

Lancement d'InaGlobal lundi 11 octobre 2010
envoyé par InaGlobal. – L'info video en direct.

A great resource with many reviews, like a think-tank, which tries to diffuse a certain idea of media.

October 10th, 2010

French, most connected country in the world (TNS)

by Laurent François


TNS has just released some good stats on internet usage all over the world.

And an important stat occured for people observing France: 92% of the French people go online on a daily basis.

Something not really astonishing as French are the craziest instant messengers users in the world.

What is at stake, out of the “digital side”, is the social link: you can forget about the brands, about the tools, about the places. But you cannot avoid other people. If French go online, it’s because they check their emails. SO they check online conversations.

October 5th, 2010

Social media is not a moron. It’s your wife.

by Laurent François

Citizens! I confess, this is a scandalous adaptation of David Ogilvy’s famous quote “consumer is not a moron. it’s your wife”.

How come it’d even be true in Social Media? Few arguments:

  • consistency: as a brand you need consistency & reliance
  • authenticity: you’d better not hide nor change too much, otherwise you can lose your wife
  • originality: you don’t even have to be the same, you also have to sometimes be the best. Best restaurant, best experience, best idea. To make your couple fly again
  • balance: you cannot impose your vision only. You need to take in consideration your wife’s toughts & expectations

As you see, this ideal picture seems a bit odd in our liquid world:

  • more and more divorce
  • more and more unstable path

Would it mean that love marketing is already has-been in Social Media?

I’d basically answer yes. Because as in life in general, there are not only couples & weddings. There’s passion, two-time affairs, implicit deals etc. It’s time for Social Media marketers to move on. Moreoever if they want their strategies to be closer to real life consumers.