Sometimes, I have nothing to tell you. The marketing of silence in Social Media

by Laurent François


Billions of online conversations, rising there and on my tweetdeck. Huge delay to read them all. Impossible mission.

And suddenly a friend or a contact pops up in a more private window. Telling me that an article must be read, that a talent is rising. That a project has a just been launched.

That’s the strong come back of the OFF in our digital world. What is rare is costly: bringing the perfect information to an individual is the top service.

Sometimes, I have nothing to tell you online. Nothing as it’s too demanding in terme of available time. It’s not only a question of brain availability, but brodcasting capability. It’s the big difference with Le Lay principle some years ago: in our attention economy, it’s not only about being fed by incredible amounts of signals; it’s about being able to filter, synthetize, send, forward.

In this silent world, this dumb conversation, the one that does not leave a digital footprint in search engines, is very worth.

At the end, the true influence could be in measuring the ability for someone to be invisible. A little bit like luxury brands, that cultivate distance, whereas they’re omnipresent in the form of conversations .

One worry: if monitoring online conversations is at the end not so complicated, entering this silent world is going to be a big challenge. Even with Wikileaks-agents. It’s obviously on. It’s obviously off.

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