Social Media fatigue…Or Social Media hysteresis

by Laurent François

John Bell wrote an interesting post on his blog, reacting to George Colony @ Le Web who said “We believe social is running out of hours. Forrester believes we are reaching the limit of hours that people can give to social.

Maybe a kind of fatigue…but also an hysteresis.

If we summarize -a lot- what’s happened these years:

  • we pushed people to enter into a very strange ecosystem, in which private became public, and in which public can be experienced very deeply
  • we told them that social relationships could organically become social currencies, making “social scoring” a kind of – scarrying – norm: see the reasons why we friend or unfriend on Facebook

I think that it’s a retaliation effect: what we get in becoming more “social” is not that crazy for everybody. So because we pushed people to “publicize” their privacy, I think they -we- take it back home, in a more personal cloud.

Talk social without the people and you get an empty island.


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