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January 21st, 2009

"God save the green" with Mareva Galanter, Tamara, Joana Preiss

by Laurent François

Yes, I have to confess, I’m sometimes lazy when it comes to green…Yes but imagine 3 of the sexiest women on Earth tell you that you need to turn off the light, and stop wasting energy, to turn off the heater because you feel hotter…

Meet the girls on Konbini…and ride green!

If you want more information about this cause, go on Nadège Winter blog.

December 31st, 2008

"Torches of freedom", storytelling and social media

by Laurent François

I’m currently reading Edward Bernays’ book, “Propaganda”. Ed Bernays is the father of public relations and spin.
And he develops many examples, like the “torches of freedom” during Easter Parade in New York City, 1929.

At the end of 1920s, American Tobacco company was claiming that if women don’t smoke, it means that they miss 50% of sales.

So, how to make the opinion support the idea that smoking is good? Good question, rational answers would be: no way! Unless cigarets become a symbol of women sexual freedom.
That’s what’s happened. Creating a divide of opinion, it’s already influencing.

What’s the point? That in causes like in literature, there are good and bad stories. Good news is that we now can say and claim through online expression when we don’t agree.

Happy new year.

December 9th, 2008

Missing individual: Ophélie Bretnacher

by Laurent François

A friend of a friend who knows this missing young women asked me to post it wherever I could to find her:

Friends and relatives of Ophélie Bretnacher, a 22-year-old French student at Budapest’s Corvinus University, are appealing for any information on her disappearance. She was last seen leaving Bar Portside de Cuba on District VII’s District Dohány utca in the early hours of Thursday, December 4.

Bretnacher, who is 173 centimeters tall and has brown shoulder-length hair, left the club at between 2:30 and 3:00 am and her handbag was found at 3:30 am on the Pest side of the Chain Bridge.

She was wearing a light checkered jacket, a skirt, black boots and black cap.

If you have any information on Orphélia, please contact the District II police on 346-1800, or her English-speaking friend Christine Batel on 06-70-650-6616.

December 1st, 2008

A social media link between Britney Spears and AIDS

by Laurent François

Guess what: today is the World AIDS day . And because I was looking for a fantastic idea to promote the cause, I went to Mr Google, and I asked Mr Google Trends what was the search volume of AIDS…And because (again) I was surprized by the first results, I compared it with Britney Spears’ones. The results are astonishing:

First, more people are looking for information about Britney than about AIDS. If I follow my cynical logic, more people care about the pop-singer.
Other insights: AIDS is more searched in Indonesian & Portuguese than in English (compared to Britney). South African guys feel really more concerned, according to the search volume. Would it be because the daily life is more affected in these areas?

So I officially ask Britney to stop being toxic, right now:

Britney Spears – Toxic
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