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December 15th, 2011

TV killed the internet stars : Anne Sinclair, Huffington Post & blogging

by Laurent François

It’s interesting to see that Anne Sinclair, DSK’s wife and ex mega TV star of TF1, is going to lead the French HuffPo.

It’s even funnier when you remember all the former debates on journalisme, information, UGC etc. But HuffPo is here to earn money.

Nonetheless, in this very tense media moment with DSK-gate, is it really relevant to cast Anne Sinclair as the head of this citizen-centric platform?

Not really sure

October 12th, 2010

WTF in France #14- Ina Global, the review of Creative Industries & Media

by Laurent François


A great initiative by Ina: an online review around media & creative industries.

Pretty high level (but very accessible) articles, that you can read in English right here.

Lancement d'InaGlobal lundi 11 octobre 2010
envoyé par InaGlobal. – L'info video en direct.

A great resource with many reviews, like a think-tank, which tries to diffuse a certain idea of media.

August 24th, 2010

WTF in France #13 – Asterix vs Mc Donald’s

by Laurent François


There’s a huge reaction from French in Social Media after a new campaign by Mc Donald’s starring…Asterix! The little Gaulois, symbol of France!

The Albert René publishers declared that Asterix was not working FOR Mc Donald’s but with, that the hero is still a rebel and that everything goes pretty well.

Well, no one knows if there are Mc Razorback yet :p

More information on BrandFreak.

August 21st, 2010

WTF in France #11 – René la Taupe

by Laurent François


There’s a very untypical musician who has just passed Shakira as number 1 in the digital charts in France: René la Taupe.

This dramatically obsessing cartoon is a mobile phone ringtone, conceived by Fox Mobile Group studios. A lot of cash-flow to come for the company…

It’s been viewed 5 million times for the last 2 months on YouTube. According to the author, Séverine Thomazo, who was interviewed by France Soir, she only spent 7 minutes for fun writing the lyrics (and we understand why).

René la Taupe also made fun of the French soccer team, adapting its “Mignon Mignon” hit to the South Africa World Cup.

Here’s the Facebook Community Page for René la Taupe.

A very binarian communication strategy that works:

  • massive TV ads
  • stupid but funny character which created some empathy online
  • diverse meme as you’ll see on Facebook & YouTube

French are nice persons, not that arrogant after all 😀

August 17th, 2010

WTF in France #10 – The Megane Experiment

by Laurent François

Citizens: a funny provocation by Renault; “Can a french car change an english town ?”

In fact, according to BrandRMX:

“In 2010 Renault discovered a set of fascinating statistics. According to the figures, towns with more Mégane were happier, had higher rates of fertility and longer life expectancies.
To put this theory to the test, they’ve sent Claude, a ‘consultant de joie’ to Gisburn (Lancashire). A town with no Méganes and apparently very little joie de vivre, to conduct ‘The Mégane Experiment’.”

via Marketing Alternatif.