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September 18th, 2009

IRL Pong game (by 2 French guys)

by Laurent François

les vintage gamers
envoyé par sebdeleau. – Regardez plus de vidéos comiques.

Well Citizens, it’s the week-end!

viva pong.

August 9th, 2009

People talking to people, #1 site visited in the world

by Laurent François

Funny enough, everybody seems amazingly happy and impressed by Facebook new fresh stat:

“This trend has fueled Facebook’s popularity, making it the fourth largest site in the world with a total of 340 million unique visitors worldwide. Not bad Facebook! Facebook officially acknowledges that it has 250 million active registered users. But remember you don’t have to be a registered user to access some of Facebook’s pages”

340 millions…I’m not yet impressed: it’s just 6 times French population, coming one time on a website (and remember we’re a small country!). And if you compare it to the billions of hours of communications & conversations happening on the phone, you just feel confused, because it really concerns everybody on Earth. How come? we’re just experiencing social web prehistory. We’ve just learned how to drive people to other websites, to link them. To alert your tribe of your updates, like ancient hunters used to scream to inform their friends. And some guys do other great things too, but I need to be a bit extremist for my post -you know…

We’re not yet at the age of deep and natural conversations-based creations. There are weak signals, and encouraging emerging trends demonstrating that social web can trully be better to create & shape societies’ solutions. But it’s not yet massive, nor mainstream.

I’m happy to be a Nethanderal man, and I’m happy to have Facebook as a very imperfect tam-tam. Oh! and remember: #1 site visited in the world, it’s people talking to people. Nothing else.

August 6th, 2009

Twitter down: a new communication paradygm

by Laurent François

We’ve all (I mean, mostly the English speaking world…) experienced today a world without Twitter. No possibility to “tweet” with our networks, no possibility to get the last infos in a lazy but active way.

Great moment, after all, because as Eliot on Wired wrote:

“The world won’t come to a complete standstill as a result of the Twitter outage, of course, but its impact will be felt far and wide. The popular short messaging service has become an integral part of the communications ecosystem — our first question was, how do you confirm Twitter is down without Twitter? — and from its millions of inveterate users, we expect an outpouring of pent-up Tweeting when this gets sorted out.”

No possibility to share quickly the last news: what’s happening now?

Crucial and awful feeling: we cannot know anymore everything in a second. Our path to the proper access was for a while wrong. While you’re working, even going on Google can be too demanding.

Social media is about people talking to people, through a technology though. Happy to have learn again that other means exist, and probably exist more than instant microblogging and microsharing.

Think big, stop only Tweeting!


August 5th, 2009

Access to "off" information: great resource for online influence

by Laurent François

In our liquid world, that is supposed to be transparent, the more we’re estimated/extimated, the more we need to protect our “off” networks.

Here’s a little equation: what is rare is expensive. It can be linked to what is sought on Google.

What’s rare in social media?

  • sharing an experience in which I was one of the happy few because I was legitimate for this specific event
  • processing a huge amount of data (on or off) to provide a good synthesis
  • managing a community, and so to be able to create links among people, a “relation hub”

In this world, journalists’ missions are utterly important: because they’re paid to process information, because they’re the only citizens out of a network who can be legitimate / invited in this specific event, and because they’re followed, commented, criticised or amplified.

“Off” information have never been so important in terms of influence.
As VQ says “off is my value added”.

C’était bien sûr court, en vrac, et absolument incomplet !

July 30th, 2009

French cities are connected, but not yet social

by Laurent François

A great news this morning about web usages of French towns which can be interesting for social media addicts and citizens::

“Uséo, a présenté sa dernière publication sur le dialogue citoyen en ligne à partir de l’étude de 137 sites de villes de plus de 50.000 habitants. Sur les 75% des villes qui affichent une démarche participative sur leur web, 46% se limitent à un formulaire de contact, 17% affichent leur démarche, 17% animent des forums avec possibilité de laisser des commentaires et seulement 22% d’entre elles donnent globalement un espace d’expression à leurs administrés. Une très faible minorité (4%) s’appuie sur des espaces de dialogue modernes (appels à suggestion pour 3%) ou de réseaux sociaux territoriaux (1%). Conséquence, faute d’organiser cet échange de manière institutionnalisée, dans 23% des cas, le débat local prend des formes contestataires sur des réseaux alternatifs au site officiel”

So in English and concretely, only 1% of French cities websites implement at least a social media presence

  • …whereas local citizens’ expectations for conversations have never been that high
  • …whereas local citizens then go on detractors’ webspaces who are the more active at the local level. They catch the citizens’ attention


  • local bloggers are crucial in France and play a very important role
  • local journalists are now starting to shape strong local social networks