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September 4th, 2009

Fund-raising, social media and hope-rising

by Laurent François


I’ve been very touched by Wendy Lee post named “the power of Social Media” :

“Everyday, I am learning the struggle that comes with fund-raising, social media, and the like. Perhaps along the way, I offend a few people when I bombard the world with updates about my project. But the important thing is learning to not take it personally. After all, I am building libraries for African kids, not selling people things they don’t need. Some days I have nightmares about not getting the project funded and I will leave Cameroon not building even one single library. Yet other days like today, I face the project with great optimism. With just 30 days to raise $8,000, it’s lucky that those optimistic days occur far more frequently than the nightmares.”

Many insights in this brilliant and catching post:

  • social media are first and foremost people talking to people about projects, about real issues that need to be solved, warned, changed, about how they feel concerned about someone or something
  • you don’t blame your friend to talk sometimes a bit too much about his/her passion or his/her cause: you like people for who they are, not for the online feeds they send to you. So as there’s not any single killer-marketing-best-practice to engage people to your fantastic-digi-platform-that-will-change-the-way-the-chocolate-is-sold. There are only value propositions for what a non-natural organism, a brand, can give to real people
  • social media is like real life: only long-term matters, moreover when it comes to changing the world. So as a project leader, you have to be quickly cool with your goals, then you have to give your project the time to grow up, to analyze the best means. What’s great with Social Media is that you dramatically have to “listen first”. While you’re listening, you’re already engaging yourself to the final destination. As if you were learning a foreign language (let’s say French): once you know how to say bonjour! you’ll improve the experience in this new world, but you’ll also be a cooler buddy for the people around.

Communication is like a good wine

August 21st, 2009

Why this blog is now called "Citizen L. on social web"

by Laurent François

Dear readers, followers, friends, opponents, French reading English and English speaking world 😉

Well, I just had a great feedback from Social Media Today as I’m their blogger of the week. It’s a great thing for me as this community is one of the most important and respectful to my eyes of PR and new media professional.

So what’s the link between my change & this? Well, I started blogging in French on a personal blog called “Citizen L. aka Laurent François“. More than an aka, it’s truly a way to focus on a specific way to talk about social web, in a wider extent. What’s I’ve done on Social media (re)loaded was a kind of first step in the English conversation. Now I feel more confident, more trustful. I met great online contributors and I know that I have to further my blog experience, as I do with my French friends. Citizen L. is a kind of brand, my own brand. As sociologists try to stick to a specific school, I want to stick to my editorial baseline.

This is why this blog is now called “Citizen L. on social web”: a way to focus on my feelings & opinions about the social web we’re shaping every day. And a way to write even more freely, as I do in French, to express my views…and engage comments, participations etc.

Thanks for the trust you give me, in subscribing to my feeds or adding me on social networks.

I now have to give more change.

Welcome Citizen L. on social web

“le roi est mort, vive le roi”.

July 9th, 2009

#WebCream: what’s in a name?

by Laurent François

You’re a blogger, a writer, a twitterer, an online citizen?

You have a story to share with the whole world that can illustrate the impact of social media/web on your daily life?

Do it now and use #WebCream to identify your post, and discover other citizens all over the world.

At the end, we could consolidate in a single book/document all your stories.

So do it now!

July 6th, 2009

Scott Rosenberg about "blogging, its past present and future"

by Laurent François

Scott Rosenberg
shares great insights with Business Week:

Their deeper thoughts. Microblogging is a way to extend the weight, the history of the posts.

Here’s a quote of his next book “Say Everything”:

“If you care about the fate of journalism and its role in democracy and culture, this second choice turns out to be the only satisfying option. And when you realize that, you also realize that the debate is over: you have just resolved it. In this controversy, as in most others today, to ignore bloggers is to miss the entire event. Whatever the drawbacks and limitations of blogging, it serves, today, as our culture’s indispensable public square. Rather than one tidy “unifying narrative,” it provides a noisy arena, open to everyone, for the collective working out of old conflicts and new ideas. As the profession of journalism tries to rescue itself from the wreckage of print and rethink its digital future, this is where its most knowledgeable practitioners and most creative students are doing their hardest thinking. “

July 3rd, 2009

French marketing blogs with Wikio

by Laurent François

As every month, Wikio publishes its blogs’ ranking.

Here are some French marketing & social media blogs. In bold: some that I pretty like or daily read (I think I forgot some…):

1 Quietglover
3 Wow Effect !
4 Marketing Alternatif
5 Gaduman
6 Grégory Pouy
7 Buzz et cie.
8 coups de pub
9 Business garden
10 Et si l’on parlait Marketing
11 Advert showroom
13 Blog de nuit
15 Culture-buzz
16 Citizen L. (my French blog)
17 joelapompe
18 Veille2Com
19 Le blog de Baptiste Roynette
20 Webmarketing & co’m
21 Blogoergosum
23 Carnet Web de Cedric Giorgi
24 Cyril blog Advertiser@Ogilvy
25 ViaComIT
26 Le Blog du Marketing 2.0
27 webcom-montreal
28 Buzz Modedemploi
29 Adcoholic**
30 Les Enfants de la Pub
31 Blog The Com
32 Le Publigeekaire
33 Le techno blog a Steph
34 Sens du client
35 Damien de Blignières
36 Le blog de Patricia Tessier
37 Blogs et Intelligence économique
38 La Gazette ::: Webmarketing
39 Idead
40 E-conomy
42 Marketing & Innovation
43 Akostic
44 Christophe Benavent
45 Monsieur Noboday
46 Breve2com
47 TimRubber
48 Intercommunication
49 Buzz is media
50 Emmanuel Vivier
51 Marketing is dead
54 Rich Commerce
55 Echange
56 mkgmd
57 Camille Jourdain Blog
58 Mkg Me
59 Provokat
61 Le blog du Marketing Interactif
62 Digital Native
64 Humeurs divergentes
65 Connexions Planning
66 Le blog du cybermarketing
67 Brand Content
68 Nekid
69 Homosemiotikus
70 vansnick Haute Ecole marketing
71 Promo Affinity
72 Un oeil sur le marketing, les médias et la pub…
73 Kinoa
74 comme tout le monde, en différent
75 Graine2blog
76 Technologies du Marketing
77 [Emarketing Blog]
78 Marketing Digital
79 Le vide poches
80 SuperFiction
82 webmarketing xtra-affiliation
83 Buzzeum
84 Blogue Marketing Interactif
85 Le blog de Carre de Ciel
86 JB Plantin
87 Vita vitamine
88 Arnaud
89 Le monde des études
90 2ro, blog de Corinne Dangas
91 360.0 Client au centre !
92 Gourous du Net
93 Recherche Marketing & Etudes Internet.
95 Ad & mar
96 Marketing et compagnie
97 Blog A Facettes
98 Culture conso
99 eMarketing Garden
100 Retail-distribution