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March 10th, 2011

Compact Conspiray: Hyundai plays with Social Media

by Laurent François


When it comes to Social Media, most of the time, the agencies sell 3 main principles:

  • be transparent
  • don’t create anger or mock people
  • be “linear”

And in fact, Hyundai gave us a pretty cool lesson. As Tina writes:

“We have some fun, unique online properties, like the very first faux Facebook cause, Cure Compact Crampomitosis (, which is presented as a tongue-in-cheek fight against the lack of leg room in compact cars, but it actually benefits a real non-profit, Americans for the Arts. When you join the cause on FB, Hyundai will donate $0.50 to Americans for the Arts.″

And that’s actually good news: a brand came to a wide audience with a value proposition, and brought us from a point A to a point B with diverse paths & episodes.

Basically, “earlier this year, Hyundai launched a series of viral pre-superbowl ads online, and these were later addressed during the game with televised ads. Thus, the “Compact Car Conspiracy” was de-mystified with the 2011 Elantra, a compact car with optimally designed interior space“.

But what’s cool is that Hyundai broke some rules whereas it was not that easy:

  • they’ve teased and “revealed” during the SuperBowl. I think it’s a risk, as if the campaign was bad, you would have a massive retaliation from the consumers. They’ve done it
  • they’ve been having some fun towards “causes” and in a sense towards this strange mood in Social Media that everything must be pink and nice. Hyundai broke this hypocrisy and organised a fake one “We stand against Compact Crampomitosis, which drives teeth into knees and buckles the legs of millions of compact car drivers every year. Please donate to give them the leg room they crave
  • they haven’t been over-promising: they’re not going to save the world with their cars, they’re just going to offer cool product benefits and services. Relevance comes with a good scope of communication. They’ve done it
  • they haven’t been “transparent”, they’ve been “authentic”, and that’s probably a great step forward: nice families always have deep secrets. It’s not because you reveal everything that you’re more honnest. Hyundai has been coherent, and keeps rocking. Love it. Look at this video (March 2011):

May 20th, 2010

Best practice in Social Media in the era of pervasive creativity

by Laurent François


A quick thought, about all the things around “Best Practice”. Zephrin wrote an interesting article in Ad Age, demonstrating that he was pretty much fed up with this idea.

In the era of pervasive creativity, and Social Media, this is tue to a certain extent:

  • we need to think “story”: best practice can lead to a loss of creativity, to a loss of originality.
    It’s not only an artistic problem: it’s a business one. There are pressures in markets, so as if you’re just like the others. Well, why would I buy your damn yoghurt? Uh!?
  • in Social Media Marketing, some best practice do not distinguish industries: in most presentations, you have 10 examples of diverse cases but which could not be compared in other studies. Basically, at the moment, you only have 2 fields: B2B or B2C. A bit simplistic, right?
  • Social Media Best Practices forget … other marketing disciplines. I haven’t seen much cases explaining why a SM Strategy worked in a more global scope. Retail marketing, even packaging, can be key & favor success

Well, well, well.

April 30th, 2010

5 original tricks to be a good community manager

by Laurent François


Some might ask what to do to be a great community manger. The field is wide, so as 5 original tricks can be shared:

  1. Read other types of media than online feeds:
    a great community manager must be “pervasive”, you need to read print magazines (for instance, those that are diffused in clubs/cafés/bars/restaurants) to feed your mind with new ideas, new ways of thinking, new influences
  2. talk with non-digital people (or even better: with anti-digital people)
    I had one of my best community management insight thanks to an old teacher, who used to manage hundreds of pupils. She’s one of the top expert in community management, with an experience that not any online community manager can challenge at the moment (she’s 65)
  3. buy a dictionary
    even in 140 signs, there’s nothing more annoying than mistakes or wrong syntax. Even if you’re multi-channel, you’re going to write a lot
  4. keep a log & archive all your meetings
    publicists & agents do it really well: in order to remember why you’ve been in touch with someone months ago, keep a footprint or minutes of why you’ve outreached him/her. It’s crucial when the community starts growing
  5. go to real life events
    Social Media is about people talking to other people. After a while, meeting IRL your followers/friends/fans is great, as it’s a way to give content to who you really are