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June 15th, 2011

Social Media Marketing 101 (slideshare deck) for ESCP Europe

by Laurent François

Yesterday, I had the big pleasure to give a very first lecture @ ESCP Europe in London, with the folks of Master’s in Marketing & Creativity.

You’ll find embedded the final deck. It aims to focus on 3 main topics:

– the importance of the “real life” context, constraints & opportunities, to better approach Social Media Marketing as a whole
– the necessary metrics you need to develop to justify your strategy. Metrics that are not only directly money-related but linked to business, then communication objectives
– the big debate you need to have on the idea of value, as a creative


Value of idea in the era of Social Media dans Pervasive Creativity

July 26th, 2010

Social Media: what’s going on? 2010 slideshare presentation

by Laurent François


As every six months, here’s an updated version of “Social Media: what’s going on?”. Some insights about Social Media, marketing, and citizenship.

I tried to improve the design (not difficult haha!), I’ve integrated some 2010 case studies and I’ve insisted on the “real life” side of Social Media.

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