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November 20th, 2013

Some new adventures: RE-UP agency, French Ideas, Hit Bag…

by Laurent François

Hi fellas,

It’s now been more than a year since my very last post. Not that I don’t blog anymore, it’s just that I write in other places 😉

So to follow my brand new adventures:

RE-UP agency, the geeks & grown-ups agency based in London and operating worldwide. You’ll find all our up & coming client cases.

French Ideas, my digital agency, part of RE-UP. You can follow the development of our structure.

Hit Bag, the fashion blog I run with my friend Vu Quan Nguyen: society, menswear, fashion industry insights etc.

Social Media Today: I’m part of the Best Thinkers panel so you can read all my post about the future of Social Media.

and still super active on twitter of course: @lilzeon

I’ll probably write again on this blog one of these days…Art is long as you know it 😉

August 23rd, 2012

The day I’ve launched a digital agency in London

by Laurent François

Dear readers,

as you’ve noticed, I did not write much this year on this blog. Not because I had any fatigue or that I was bored, because in our attention economy, there’s a key raw material: TIME.

So, French Ideas, a boutique digital agency, was born few weeks ago, in Silicon Roundabout, London. 3 main activities are implemented:

  • social journey planning: as digital channels are very deeply changing the rules of influence, strategic planning and definition of personae have never been as important as now. Social journey planning requires strong capabilities in digital analysis, social media monitoring, and influencers’ mapping + knowledge in sociology, arts etc. We’ve already sold some projects for creative agencies: do not hesitate to pitch us!
  • digital strategy: once you have a better idea of how your users think and which “moments of truth” rock, well, you need to establish a roadmap, both editorial and UX. That’s the trickiest point, that you need to shape with creatives in a wider extent: data analysts, CRM and so on :)
  • early-stage marketing: you’re launching a brand? A festival? A start-up? Well, it’s not only Social Media but more general marketing. And we’re here to help…

We also have some publishing / fashion activities on Hit Bag.

It’s still new and our partners are extremely interesting people; it’s a brand new approach for me to set up some strategies with a wide diversity of talents; feel free to pitch us :)

In the meantime, I’ve tried to arrange all my previous posts on Pearltrees. You can check it here:

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