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October 10th, 2010

French, most connected country in the world (TNS)

by Laurent François


TNS has just released some good stats on internet usage all over the world.

And an important stat occured for people observing France: 92% of the French people go online on a daily basis.

Something not really astonishing as French are the craziest instant messengers users in the world.

What is at stake, out of the “digital side”, is the social link: you can forget about the brands, about the tools, about the places. But you cannot avoid other people. If French go online, it’s because they check their emails. SO they check online conversations.

July 30th, 2010

WTF in France #7 – Press Release vs Social Media release @ La Courneuve

by Laurent François

Evacuation de familles sans logement à la Courneuve
envoyé par Mediapart. – Regardez les dernières vidéos d’actu.


An interesting case study which is happening in France. As you may know, the French government decided to reinforce its expulsion policy. Last Wednesday, about 150 people were thrown away from “barre Balzac” @ La Courneuve. The first press releases mention that everything went ok. But associations started seeding videos on dailymotion to show what really happens, which is now broadcast on TV.

Interesting to see that in this image war, stakeholders can directly influence mass media. Therefore opinion.

It’s also highly interesting to check that “La Courneuve” is a topic pretty followed, and that anytime a mix of “expulsion / nation / suburb” topic emerge, La Courneuve can be an amplifier.

Sad symbol to associate it to only sad issues.

May 26th, 2010

I’m a French blogger and I won’t eat Pizza Hut anymore

by Laurent François

Dear Pizza Hut,

So you want to offer a free pizza during the world cup, anytime a goal is scored against French soccer team ?

Well right, so I’m French. And I speak English. And if at first sight, it could appear to be funny, I think your communication is highly dangerous.

Why that ?

  • first, you don’t go really deep in your mechanism: only 350 pizzas could be offered this way. Well, you’re just doing a VIRAL BUZZ BULLSHIT operation, right ? Your Irish consumers aren’t stupid: you’re going to generate great disappointments
  • then, you play with “hates” and with negative feelings: look at your fan pages; reactions are really aggressive. Sport spirit, really?
  • moreover, you’re not really in position of making fun of one of your main business market. Or maybe you think we won’t eat all that fat?
May 4th, 2010

According to a French strumpet, you get the clients you deserve

by Laurent François


I know it’s pretty weird to try to get insights from some ladies who work on the street, but yesterday, during a TV show, a French strumpet said something bright: you get the clients you deserve.

“if you look like an upper-class woman, you’ll get upper-class clients, who’ll feel more confident with you”.

It’s the same in Social Media: don’t pretend to be who you’re not. Just try to be yourself.

Only actors & strumpets can pretend to be someone else. But as you know, at the end of the show, the lights turn on and we’re back to reality. A comedy that Social Media marketing pretty much hates.

May 2nd, 2010

WTF in France #1 – Tout ce qui brille // Leïla Bekthi & Géraldine Nakache

by Laurent François


If you only read the Financial Times, or The Economist, you’ve probably got a very pessimistic vision of French Nation model. Eric Besson & President Sarkozy politics are probably responsible of this aggressive & exclusive “angst”.

But there’s a stronger & really refreshing film which is giving back hope and smile: it’s called “Tout ce qui brille” (all the things that shine) and is directed by Géraldine Nakache. The pitch: 2 young women, fascinated by what’s going on in Paris, whereas they live in a close suburb, trying to enter this world, but without losing their roots. Fun, running gag, but also true questions around identity, living together.

If you understand a little bit French, try to get it asap. Otherwise, stay tuned.

This is France.