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November 20th, 2013

Some new adventures: RE-UP agency, French Ideas, Hit Bag…

by Laurent François

Hi fellas,

It’s now been more than a year since my very last post. Not that I don’t blog anymore, it’s just that I write in other places 😉

So to follow my brand new adventures:

RE-UP agency, the geeks & grown-ups agency based in London and operating worldwide. You’ll find all our up & coming client cases.

French Ideas, my digital agency, part of RE-UP. You can follow the development of our structure.

Hit Bag, the fashion blog I run with my friend Vu Quan Nguyen: society, menswear, fashion industry insights etc.

Social Media Today: I’m part of the Best Thinkers panel so you can read all my post about the future of Social Media.

and still super active on twitter of course: @lilzeon

I’ll probably write again on this blog one of these days…Art is long as you know it 😉