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April 27th, 2010

What if Social Media strategists were Facebook best dependant allies?

by Laurent François


A provocative thought, but I guess it’s to celebrate the new theme and the new url: CITIZENL.NET

Well well well! Many of us have written about the -oh-so-cruel Facebook who would be drastically killing our rights to privacy, personal life, personal data.

And it’s true.

The big paradox I see is that Social Media experts, strategists, analysts, bloggers, are in a very strange shape. On one hand , we blog that we hate what’s going on.

In the meantime, we sell strategies with Facebook at the very centre.

We’re both reluctant & dependant to Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg knows it:

“This next version of Facebook Platform puts people at the center of the web. It lets you shape your experiences online and make them more social. For example, if you like a band on Pandora, that information can become part of the graph so that later if you visit a concert site, the site can tell you when the band you like is coming to your area. The power of the open graph is that it helps to create a smarter, personalized web that gets better with every action taken.”

What it means: that the social web will be more & more Facebook-related.

The good thing is that when it comes to “social”, it comes to people. And that if people feel that their privacy is in danger, they’ll react.

Teenagers love SMS, Facebook not yet. They try to leave this global pervasive world to shape their own private pervasive world.

Let’s bet on it.