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May 2nd, 2010

WTF in France #1 – Tout ce qui brille // Leïla Bekthi & Géraldine Nakache

by Laurent François


If you only read the Financial Times, or The Economist, you’ve probably got a very pessimistic vision of French Nation model. Eric Besson & President Sarkozy politics are probably responsible of this aggressive & exclusive “angst”.

But there’s a stronger & really refreshing film which is giving back hope and smile: it’s called “Tout ce qui brille” (all the things that shine) and is directed by Géraldine Nakache. The pitch: 2 young women, fascinated by what’s going on in Paris, whereas they live in a close suburb, trying to enter this world, but without losing their roots. Fun, running gag, but also true questions around identity, living together.

If you understand a little bit French, try to get it asap. Otherwise, stay tuned.

This is France.