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January 4th, 2012

2012 Sarkozy campaign weakness: digital communication

by Laurent François

This morning, the French political party UMP (they run for President Sarkozy) tried to generate a buzz  as François Hollande (his main opponent for 2012 – at least we hope it’s not Marine Le Pen- a socialist)  was supposed to have declared that Sarkozy is a “dirty guy” (sale mec in French).UMP politicians tried to widen the rumor and generated some appearances in front of TV teams.

What’s interesting is that in France, in order to make a news BIG, you still need to wait 8pm, and our TV prime-time for news (we only have one time zone, remember :) ). But even before this potential smasher, a counterstrike occured: people who were present during the supposed quote were quickly interviewed, in order to refute & contradict UMP attempt. Media and social networks played their games, and one more time the trick was dismanttled

It’s an illustration of the main weakness of UMP: refutations now prune lies. Good news!

December 13th, 2011

Communication. Politics. Organizing leaks. Value. Stopping with brand DNA

by Laurent François

Many information are crucial, but remain within a tiny and closed community. How come an idea can get value?

It’s the main purpose of “The Ides of March”, or even  “Contagion“. A minority of people try to reach their goal (killing someone, protect themselves, widen their ego…), and even if they have great information, it’s utterly complicated to make them actually work. Most information remain where they’re from.

An information withou any value in a group “X” could have a bigger value in a group “Y”. Of course. When it comes to brands why only focusing on core-DNA instead of analyzing where there could be weak ties with diverse relevant people?

Recycling is a great marketing idea.


July 8th, 2010

Mediapart vs UMP: France experiences a Social Media war

by Laurent François


I don’t know if you’ve heard about UMP vs Mediapart affair:

“The accountant told the police that Mrs. Bettencourt’s chief financial adviser had handed an envelope with 150,000 euros, now worth about $190,000, to the treasurer of Mr. Sarkozy’s center-right party in March 2007. The treasurer, Éric Woerth, is labor minister and a central ally of the president’s who is in charge of a politically delicate effort to raise the retirement age in France.”

As Ms. Thibout (the accountant) first made her assertions on the news Web site Mediapart (one of the founder is Edwy Plenel), there’s now a media + Social Media war rising in France against the website!

Eric Woerth has a clear statement: it’s not his fault, there’s a vendetta against him & his wife, that is supposed to his mind to be organized by Socialist Party (PS). Between us, I’d love to be sure that PS is behind the scandal, but I can tell you they’re not ready for any structure opinion war at the moment.

Well then, Eric Woerth “cried us a river” as Justin Timberlake would sings, on TF1 prime time news show with Laurence Ferrari:

Then, all UMP spokepersons mention exactly the same story when they’re interviewed: Eric Woerth would be a victim, of a vendetta against his own person.

What’s more original for France is that Social Media UMP teams implemented a digital attack, right after Eric Woerth show on TF1. If you search “Liliane Bettencourt on Google”, you now find a very interesting sponsored link:

A dedicated “social” website to support Eric Woerth, driven by Search war + Word-of-Mouth !

Then, anytime an article or a positive post for UMP is published in Social Media, the official UMP twitter account “buzz” it to its communities…

Communities made of:

  • UMP fans
  • political observers like journalists
  • curious
  • engaged citizens

A way to propage their own vision, using “real” facts to reinforce their messages. Active listening at stake!

At the end, we’ll see if Eric Woerth is really innocent (or not). But 3 insights at least:

  • 2012 presidential elections are going to be highly aggressive
  • share of voice is now a key indicator: if you’re attacked, try to reduce the negative share of voice
  • Social Media is a question of organization, as “story” is now the central hub of all the other channels
June 8th, 2010

Context is sometimes more important than the product

by Laurent François


A quick note mentioning a very funny but efficient campaign in Japan:

“Yahoo Japan is reporting on the tactics of Odawara City to get people interested in the forthcoming summer elections.

Preparing a fairly modest 200 rolls, the city’s election organizers has been distributing the toilet paper to Odawara restaurants, along with posters and special drinks coasters..”

This tactics could be amplified in Social Media; context is probably even more important than the product itself. Depending on the affinity, marketers could try to find what fits more to expectations & actions of final publics.

That’s fair: why not use an important moment like sitting in a bathroom to display key messages to your final public?

Next time: a twitter feed on the roll?

Ha – Ha – Ha